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Rison-Dallas Community Main Pages:
[Home] This is our introductory page, a great place to start!

["School Pictures"] This page lets us show off our Rison "school pictures" to one another. "School Pictures" are individual pictures of students from their school days.

[Favorite Recipes] This page is created to display those recipes that were not received for Volume I, August 2006, of our cookbook, "Cooking with the Village People."

[Bulletin Board] This purpose of this page is to put recent pictures and stories of Rison/Dallas folks that might appear in the media from time to time, or other news that might interest the community.

[History] This is where you can read a bit about the history of Rison School and the Dallas Mill Village

[School Principals] Here you can see photographs and read information on some of the principals who served at Rison School.

[Faculty and Staff] And here you can see photographs and read information on some of the teachers and staff who served at Rison School.

[Annual Reunions] This page tells about our annual school reunions, including dates, locations, and who to contact.

[Memories] On this page, you'll find special memories from folks who lived in the Village.

[Sports Programs] You'll find a wealth of photos covering the many sporting programs at Rison throughout the years on this page.

[Classes] This is the place to see pictures of various graduating classes from Rison - plus some pictures of classes years after graduation!

[Veterans] This page is dedicated to the folks at Rison who served in our Armed Forces.

[Directions] You can see a map of where Dallas Mill was located and how to get to the site of our annual reunions on this page.

[Links] We offer special links on this page to other sites that might be of interest to folks who have an interest in Rison School and the Dallas Mill Village.

[Memorabilia] You'll find pictures of various memorabilia concerning Rison and Dallas Mill here.

[Favorite Songs] Sing along with some of our old favorite songs when you read the lyrics provided on this page.

[Notes from Friends] Here you can read some special notes we've received from friends of Rison and the Dallas Mill Village. Feel free to send us your own message for posting here too!

[Messages from the Community] We use this page to provide special announcements where the Community can occasionally share thoughts and ideas with you, as well as to pass on timely information.

[Message Boards] An online forum where folks from Rison School and Dallas Village, or any who either knew or loved the people from Rison and Dallas can discuss Rison-Dallas issues!

If you have comments, questions, or contributions for these pages, please send an e-mail to risondallas@bellsouth.net

Rison-Dallas Community