Rison-Dallas Community

Rison-Dallas Reunions

What: Rison-Dallas Association Annual Reunions

When: The first Saturday in August each year

Where: Jackson Way Baptist Church, 1001 Andrew Jackson Way, Huntsville, AL.

Time: 10:00 a.m. - arrival and fellowship
           11:45 a.m. - covered dish luncheon
           1:00 p.m. - program

Please refer questions to risondallas@comcast.net.

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Rison School Under a Coat of Snow, 1932~33

A gathering of some Rison alumni at the Albert Pick Motel to discuss and plan annual Rison-Dallas Reunions - 1960s
Rison alumni plan Rison-Dallas Reunions - 1960s
Front row, left to right, seated: (?)Jones, Doyle Ealy, Gene Falkenberry, Richard Pinion, Paul Seaton, William Edgemon, D.T.Newby
Second row, left to right: ?? (behind Richard Pinion), ??, Dewey Fred “Jack” Gray, J.B. McGinnis, Massey Tolen (behind D.T. Newby’s left shoulder)
Third row, left to right: Alma ??, Mildred Hunt Newby, Cecil Fain (seated), ??, ??, ??, ??, ?? ??, ?? ??
Fourth row, left to right: Mildred Fisher Pinion, Ophlia Lee Ealy, Kathryn Reese Murphree, Elizabeth Fanning Lee, Herman Lee, ??, ??, ??, Drexel & J.D. Carroll, Zelda & J.D. Pettie, Fannie Mae Johnson Falkenberry, ??, ??, ??, ?? ??
Do you know the missing names?
Do you know what Mr. Fain is holding?

Do you know the missing names of honorees?

1973    Mr. H. E. Myhand, Woodrow Chisam & C.V. Fain speakers
1974    Mr. C.V. Fain, speaker
1975    Mrs. Paul J. Lawler
1976    Mrs. Louise Perry
1977    Miss Ruth Esslinger
1978    The Class of 1928, 50th reunion
1979    The Class of 1949 celebrated their 30th reunion and honored Mr. Hub Myhand
1980    Mr. O.E. "Coach" Richardson
1981    The Class of 1951 celebrated their 30th reunion and honored Mrs. Velma Hanvey
1982    Mrs. Evelyn Hodges
1983    The Class of 1943 - elected to dedicate the program to patriotism and honor veterans.
1984    Miss Ruby Smithey
1985    Classes 1935, 1940, and 1945 jointly celebrated their own 50th, 45th and 40th reunions, as well as Mr. Fain's 90th birthday
1999    The Class of 1949 celebrated their 50th reunion and honored Mattie Pearl Primm Curry
2001    The Class of 1951 celebrated their 50th reunion and honored Zollie (Buddy) Curry
               (Please CLICK HERE to read our presentation to Buddy)
2002    The Rison-Dallas Association sponsored the reunion and honored Helen Acuff
2003    The Junior class of 1951 celebrated their 50th reunion and honored William (Bill) Rice
2004    The Class of 1944 celebrated their 60th reunion and honored 100 year-old Mrs. Lizzie Payne Ricketts
2005    The Class of 1945 sponsored the reunion and honored The Championship Baseball Team of 1948-1949
2006    The Class of 1946 sponsored the reunion and honored the 1940 Football Team
2007    The Class of 1947 sponsored the reunion and honored Eleanor Simmons Kerns, Teacher
2008    The Class of 1948 sponsored the reunion and honored our Veterans
2009    The Class of 1949 sponsored the reunion and honored our Veterans
2010    The Rison-Dallas Association sponsored the reunion and honored our veterans.
2011    The 9th Grade Class of 1957 sponsored the reunion and honored both our veterans and teacher, Mrs. Hazel Turney Ward

(From one reunion to another)

Prior to the 2000 reunion, records were not kept of our deceased members. We are certain that these lists are not complete but are the best that we, collectively, could do. There are those on these lists who may not have attended Rison or lived in Dallas Village, but had a connection to either or both, i.e., a relative or who took an active interest in our reunions.

If you know of names that should be added to this list, please email us at: risondallas@comcast.net.

2000 (12)
Marguerite Gunn Buford
Burton Case
Louise Curry Cobb
Geneva Marks Crutcher
Lowell B. (Bud) Franklin
Methra Carroll Gates
Mazola Thomas Harden
G. Reese Pattern
J. D. Pettie
Beulah Corum Ramsey
Lavella Troglen
William Worley

2001 (21)
Elton Adcock
Fred Adcock
Nelson Allen
Buford Carroll
Harry Christian
J. T. Corder
Bob Englebert
William Etheridge
Don Fields
Lois Jones Fields
Neal Greenway
David Headrick
Estelle Cope Henley
Mrs. Hayden Hodges
Buster Hollaway
Walter Johnson
Alene McCorkle
Melvin Mitchell
Martha Majors Teague
Mildred (Midge) Worley Reese
Lucy Short Sandberg

2002 (16)
Marvin Benson
Q. T. Cates
Pud Chisam
Dude Curry
Bessie Hunt Dunham
Mona King Frontain
Mrs. Alma E. Goodson
Margaret Taft Hudson
Lois T. Hunt
Donald Hymer
Fay Johnson
Virgil Lacy
Slick McGinnis
Mildred Hunt Newby
Frank Swaim
Diana Allen Weston

2003 (6)
Flora Parker Ashworth
Helen Chisam
Mattie Pearl Primm Curry
Percy Gwathney
Robert (Luke) Tucker
Mildred Cooper Winston

2004 (21)
Buford Casey
Bobby Christian
Kenneth R. (Bobby) Edmison
Louise Fain (Teacher)
Jessie Jean Fisher
Lourene Patton Fleming
Catherine (Kathleen Spray) Owens Cantrell Harbin
Clarice Certain Schrimsher Hite
Edna Crowl Holman
Werden Hurd
Jerry Hymer
Perry Luna
Katherine Reese Murphree
Edwin Osborne
Carlos Patterson
Lillian T. Pullen (Teacher)
Esther Powell Saxon
Juanita Swindell Troupe
Martha Ann Bennett Vaughn
Linda Christian Young

2005 (20)
Gene Adcock
Dorothea Boggs Austin
Buel Case
Ruby Nelson Crabbe
Virginia Smotherman Ford
Fainer Jett Frazier
Bera Gray
Jewel Payne Gray
Mildred R. Gunn
Polly Brazelton Hightower
Landon Hill
Elsie Agnes Stolz Hoekenschnieder
Ophelene McGinnis Hunter
Ruth Curry Moore
Bobby Morrison
Robert Mullins
Evelyn Lackey Nunley
Pearline Satterfield
Betty Corder Stewart
Marjorie Rousseau Whitworth

2006 (19)
Felix "Buck" Branch
John W. Burgess, Jr.
Gerald Dalton "Moose" Campbell
Eugene Floyd Dunham
William C. "Pete" Finley
J. Dalton "Mouse" Gaines
Gracie Mitchell Hill
Melvin L. "Pete" Hunt
Faye Johnson
Ozell Johnson Johnson
Mattie Atkinson McGinness
Ronald Wayne "Ron" Schrimsher
William Don Stewart
Tommy Walker
Clarence Wallace
Celestine Day Webb
Lillian Samples Wheat
Hoyt David Wilkes
Regina Blount Wood

2007 (29)
Irma Thompson Anderson
James Harvel Carroll
Annie Dunham Corder
Cleo Baucom Davis
Parker Denton
Minnie Lee Brown Elders
Wade Elldege
Katherine Green Fanning
Joe W. Finley
Charles Gaut, Jr.
Birdie Helen Fitch Goodman
James Hatfield
Lee Roy Hoekenschnieder
Harley Rand Hope
James Thomas Kennemer
Johnnie Cooper Lewis
James Alvin McBride
Marilyn Gates McCulley
Charles McNeal
Mattie Anita Gray Murphree
Charles Milton Roden
Vernie Earlene Roden
Clifton Saxon
Luther "L.C." Staggs
Keith Stoffle (Lucy Short Sandberg's grandson)
Lucy Maureen Walker Tucker
Elizabeth Wilson Wilkinson
Edith Blair Windham
William "Bill" M. Wood

2008 (35)
Basil Banks, Sr.
Jewel Casey Benson
Carl Beshears
Aubrie Lee “Al” Bowling
Jesse “J.R.” Brady
Gladys Lorene Branch
Clara Mae Brazelton Brooks
Bobby Edwin Burke
Floy Short Carrigan
Claude Samuel “Sam” Chisam
Frances Burkett Cordum
Ruth Atnip Falkenberry
Gracie Hatfield Fine
K.C. Finley
Connie Rigsby Ford
Sara Jo Dunham Gastler
Milton Leon Gentry
Miriam Baker Dunn Gowan
Wilbia Lee Starr Howard
Evelyn Parker London (Marguerite’s daughter)
Terry Luna
Annetta Barnes Martinson
James David McCaleb
Edith Mullins*
Virginia (Ginny) Brazelton Penhall
Albert Eugene Potter, Jr.
Dolly Rhodes
Lynda "Lynn" Russell**
Ethel McElroy Adcock Sanders
Frank Short
Katherine Swaim Staggs
Travis Stevens (Joyce Owens’ husband)
Lela Mae Frasier Thompson
Gilbert Henry Duncan Wallace
Robert E. “Bob” Wilkinson

*Once she and her husband, Bob, bought Fifth Street Café, they renamed it, Mullins Drive-In.

**Leo Drake's friend who helped with the reunions.

2009 (22)
Marie Schrimsher Arnett
Gussie Berry (Billy’s mother)
Myrtice Steger Brown
Dr. Charles Chambers
Lena R. Denton (Parker’s wife)
William “Billy” Ealy
William C. “Bill” Edgemon
Lawrence “Buddy” Ivey
Elizabeth Primm Johnson
Perry Luna
Billy Magness
Tommy G. McCulley
Joe H. Medlen
Nancy Melton (Carl’s wife)
Aliene Cagle Pell
Bobby Philyaw
Lila Edith Ratliff (Brady’s mother)
Leron Allen Schrimsher
Elizabeth Vinson Walker (Earl’s wife)
Roshelle Barnes Walker
Cecilia Worley (Eugene’s widow)
Clara Mae Jones Worley

2010 (34)
Denver Anderson
Lou Emma Blount, Thomas' wife
Marion "Buddy" Bryant, husband of Joyce Magness
Reuben Chapman
Deborah Ann Dowell Chisholm, Fay's daughter
Avis Knowles Chisam , Woodrow "Pud's" wife, Sam's mother
Billy Joe Cooley, a long-time attendee to our reunions
Jerry Crabtree, Nina Ann's husband
Mamie L. Driver, Betty's mother
Imogene Hillis Echols
Walter Benjamin "Benny" Fiske II, Mary Ann & Tommy's brother
Clarence "Butch" Fitch, Betty's brother
Helen Tucker Smith Fuchtman, Coach Luke Tucker's sister
Julian T. "J.T." Gore, attended our reunions
Larry Gray, Lucy Moore's husband
Grady Harbin, a Lincoln Village friend
Dorothy Tidwell Lacy, Class of 1950 (Charlotte's sister)
Jason Lee (Darryl's son)
Rachel Meeler, Mary, Annette, Linda & Leslie's mother
Dewey C. Moss, Bessie Certain's husband
Billy Owens, Charlotte's husband, Class of 1948
Charlotte Tidwell Owens, Billy's wife, Class of 1948
Estelle Swindell Pinion, Pont's wife
James "Jim" Potter, Betty Ray's husband
James Michael "Mike" Potter, Jim & Betty Ray's son
Drexel Carroll Potts, J.D.'s wife
Thomas "Tommy" Potts
Michael Prosser Sr., Billy Bowden's cousin
Joan Elizabeth Reese Riley, Class of 1938
Lizzie Payne Ricketts, age 105, Evelyn, Ruby & Opal's mother
Herman "Pap", "Buddy" Schrimsher, Leron's husband, Class of 1947
Margot Willson Spratt Swanson, teacher at Rison Jr. High
Winona Brown Turner, Sonny's wife
Sarah Elaine Webster, teacher at Rison & Lee

2011 (29)
Helen Louise Acuff, Class of 1944
Marvin D. Brewer, Class of 1950
Katherine Burke
Elaine Gault Cobb
Joy Fanning Daniel, Comon's wife, Class of 1934
Charlie Cornelison
Michael "Mickey" Falkenberry
Raymond Earl "Toots" Falkenberry, Sr., Ruth's husband, Class of 1942
Thurman Oliver "Thumper" Frasier. Betty's husband, Class of 1947
Dorothy "Dot" Gates Maples, Class of 1950
Marie Crowson Hughes
Herman Hunt, Class of 1938
Joyce Counts Hunt
Lessie Cantrell Hunt, Herman's wife
Anne Royal Kieras
Joe Kieras
Sue Acuff Koster
Jacki Lee, Wayne's wife
Johnny F. Logan, Mary Jo Gray-Patterson's husband
Robert Odell Luna, Sr.
Marguerite Fanning Martin, Joy's sister
Bessie Certain May
Forester May
Marion "Buddy" McCormick
Loretta Chisholm Patterson, Carlos' wife, Class of 1947
Lois Johnson Perkins, Class of 1945
Faye Speck Reese, Arthur's wife, Class of 1951
Bobbie Phillips Thompson
Dr. Wm. Earl Walker, Class of 1939

Here is a picture of Mr. Fain and Wilma Eaton Rubenstein at the 1977 Annual Reunion
Wilma Eaton Rubenstein and Mr. Fain, 1977 Reunion


Whereas the Rison-Dallas Association has as its purpose to promote the existing vibrant school spirit throughout the coming years,


Whereas the Rison-Dallas Association also has as its purpose to assist the various graduated classes in the annual class reunion meetings, but never to interfere with plans that class may have formed,


Whereas to hold, store and maintain Rison artifacts that have been presented by various members to the association,


Whereas to welcome all friends and parents of former students of Rison High School with equal fervor.

Therefore, be it resolved that the Rison-Dallas Association shall continue to promote good will, friendship, school spirit, and recognition of each other for past deeds, help and guidance by any one who lived in the Dallas area in the past or who may live at present throughout the world.

Also, be it resolved that a copy of this resolution be made a part of the minutes of this meeting either in its presented or amended form.

(These rules were recently discovered; although undated, it is assumed that they were written in the mid-1970s.)

  1. To hold its annual meeting the same date as the class reunion.
  2. To hold its officer meetings at the discretion of the President of the association.
  3. To limit a term of office to two consecutive years running.
  4. To request, solicit and collect dues or contributions for the sole purpose of self-maintaining the running of the association.
  5. A meeting will be presided over by the president and in his absence the vice president. In the absence of both, the secretary will preside over the meeting. A treasurer’s report will be given as part of the meeting to be made a part of the minutes. Minutes of a previous annual meeting will be read for approval. Copies of minutes will be maintained in file for reference.
  6. To notify all known members of the association’s reunion who do not live in Huntsville 30 days prior to meeting. Local area members to be notified by telephone, newspaper, TV, radio or other means deemed sufficient.
  7. To maintain a cabinet of members who are the chairpersons of the following committees:
  1. Executive   
  2. Food and Preparation   
  3. Publicity   
  4. Meeting place and Arrangement   
  5. Artifacts and History   
  6. Entertainment   
  7. Membership

    The chairpersons will assist the class if requested

Thus the Rison-Dallas Association was born and the annual Rison-Dallas Reunions began.

At the first reunion, when the Association president was asked who could attend the reunions, he answered, "Whoever lived in Dallas Village, or attended Rison School, or had relatives who did either, OR if you ever knew or loved anyone who did either is welcome!"

We were very fortunate to have the YMCA that was used as a community center. Kids from other communities also used the "Y," particularly our neighbors from Lincoln Village. There'll always be a "Welcome" sign out for our friends from outside Dallas Village.

The reunions are held on the first Saturday in August of each year at the Jackson Way Baptist Church, 1001 Andrew Jackson Way in Huntsville, Alabama. Please see the map below for directions to Jackson Way Baptist.

The reunion starts around 10:00 AM when we visit for a couple of hours. At noon, we break for a covered dish luncheon. Each of us brings one or two covered dishes of food, and it's incredible. You'll find much of the food is the kind of soul food that we grew up on - beans, taters, and cornbread. You can be pretty sure that there'll be at least one banana pudding!

You'll want to be sure to stay for the program part of the reunion that starts at 1:15 PM. That's when we show our patriotism, tell some funny stories, shed a tear or two, sing some of our favorite songs, celebrate a guest of honor, remember those who have died since last year's reunion, hear from or about our former teachers, introduce each class, and challenge a class to sponsor the next year's reunion.

Over the years we have seen our folks come from all over the United States, anxious to be with those with whom we have ties - ties that cannot be broken. The ties that we share are unique and special. It's been said that words are not necessary when we stand with each other - there's a comfortableness and ease just being in each other's company.

We sincerely hope that you'll be with us at this year's reunion. If you should not be able to make it, please let us hear from you using the email link at the bottom of this page. Let us know that you're thinking of us, your community family; we'll be thinking of you.

May the good Lord bless and keep you 'til we meet again.

Jackson Way Baptist, 1001 Andrew Jackson Way, Huntsville, AL

Rison-Dallas Community