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This page is created so that the Rison-Dallas Community can occasionally share thoughts and ideas with you, as well as to pass on timely information.

Please visit this page periodically.


Long-time problems with my computer caused delays in communication and ultimately replacement of the computer. At the same time, I changed carriers from Bellsouth to Comcast that resulted in email address changes as follows:

From: risondallas@bellsouth.net (THIS ADDRESS NO LONGER WORKS)

To: risondallas@comcast.net



It's hard to believe that our website is now five years old, and we've gotten over 20,000 hits! It's even harder to believe that our webmaster, Craig Clontz, continues to volunteer his time and talent to keep us going; what a wonderful job he does and how grateful we are to him.

Do you think that our website is completed - finished? I don't. I feel certain that there are still treasures out there that we have yet to see. So, if you have something that you could share with us, please do so. Each treasure is important in the telling of our story.


Here's a Woolworth menu from the 1950s. The prices seemed mighty small but, then, our salaries were small too. Do you remember sitting at the Woolworth counter at the Heart of Huntsville Mall?

(Editor's note: I remember that in the early 50's, my husband and I agreed that once his salary reached $2.00 an hour, I would quit work! That sounds funny now but it was a reality then. Our rent for the new house in which we lived was $50 a month.)

Woolworth's Menu

Today is the website’s first anniversary! When it began, there were very few pages and fewer pictures - my how we’ve grown. We’ve only been able to grow because so many of you have made some great contributions.

Is the website successful? We would say so. As of 9:00 A.M. today there have been 3,597 hits. ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could see each person who’s visited the site?

Other than the numbers, we also know when some of you’ve visited the site because you write us a note. We love hearing from you – we’d love hearing from each and every one of you!

Please tell us how we could improve the website – is there something missing from the site? Is there some area that you’d like to see expanded?


MYSTERY PICTURE: Is this your picture? Did you send it to us? It’s a wonderful picture and we know that it has a story to tell. The caption reads, “County Policeweb.” Please tell us about it and its significance to you.

County Police Mystery Picture
Front, center: Sheriff L.D. Wall
Second row, left to right: Billy Maples, Chief Deputy Ed Norton, Howard (Shug) Kennedy, Tom Neeley
Third row, left to right:Bill Cantrell, ??, Dean Walker, Deputy Herman Daniel, Bill Rice, Deputy Earl (Bighead) Frazier
Do you know the missing names?


Let’s Write and Publish a Rison-Dallas Association Cookbook: While writing and publishing an association cookbook has been planned for some time, during mealtime at the reunion on August 7, 2004, one of our special visitors said, “This group should write a cookbook.” We couldn’t agree more and it’s time to get started.

The tentative plans are to collect recipes until after the 2005 reunion and have the cookbook published and ready for distribution at the 2006 reunion. Although there will be a cost associated with the publication of the cookbook, it is hoped that we can keep the purchase price to a minimum.

In order to have an estimate of the number of copies of the cookbook to be printed, we will announce the publication date on this page of the website and take advance orders to be picked up at the 2006 reunion. Since the cookbooks will be available in August 2006, it will be a good time to think about buying several books to use as Christmas gifts or as something of a history book to give to our family members and friends.

So, would you please submit some recipes for our cookbook? The food is always so good at our reunions, and the 2004 reunion was an immediate reminder of just how good it is, it seems that it is a good idea to record and preserve some of the recipes to share with present and future generations.

At the 2004 reunion, when asked if she enjoyed the food, a lady said, “I come to the reunion for the green beans!” Since there were at least two bowls of green beans, we’d need both recipes to be sure that we captured the right recipe! (Editor’s note: Actually, I tried both and they were delicious!)

If you’d like to work on the Cookbook Committee, please let us know at the email address below at the bottom of this page.

The cookbook will contain the following headings:

Appetizers & Beverages
Ice Cream
Jams & Jellies
Pastry & Pies
Salads & Salad Dressings
Soups, Sauces & Spices

As a start to writing the cookbook, please send us your recipes to the email address below and tell us:

  • Your name; please include maiden name, if appropriate.
  • Your relationship to the association – was it Rison School, or Dallas Village, or a friend of the Rison-Dallas Association?
  • If you brought the dish to one of our reunions and what year, if you remember.
  • A history of the dish, such as a family favorite, or great-grandmother’s recipe that you’ve eaten all your life, at Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or whatever. The history need not be lengthy.
  • Please furnish a contact number – telephone number, or email, or home address, in case we have questions concerning your recipe.

    If you’d like to send your recipes through regular mail, please send them to:
        The Rison-Dallas Association Cookbook
        c/o Ann Schrimsher Franklin
        2603 Valley Brook Court, NE
        Huntsville, AL 35811

    A good recipe example is this dish that Helen Acuff brought to the 2004 reunion:

    Helen Acuff
    Rison High School Class of 1944
    (2004 reunion)

    Chicken Salad:
    4 c cooked chicken, cut up
    2 T lemon juice
    1 t. finely minced onion
    med. jar diced pimentos
    4 hard cooked eggs, sliced        
    1 10-oz. can cream of chicken soup
    ¾ cup mayonnaise
    1 t. salt
    2 cups chopped celery

    2 cups shredded cheese
    1 ½ cups crushed potato chips
    2/3 cup slivered almonds

    Combine all ingredients except topping, and mix gently. Place in a 9x13-baking dish and refrigerate several hours. When ready to bake, add topping. Bake, uncovered, at 350 degrees for 25 to 30 minutes. Serves 8.

    This is a recipe that I’ve used many times for meals at different functions, such as reunions, church covered dish dinners, and family gatherings. The dish is so filling that all you’ll need to add to your menu is a salad, dessert and drink. I got the recipe from the “Feeding the Preacher” Cookbook.

    POSTED JULY 31, 2004

    Photographs and treasures: We have received copies of photographs and other treasures from a number of people and we are most grateful to get them. We are happy to make them a part of the website - the items have added a lot of interest to the site.

    The following is a list of contributors. If you've sent pictures and/or treasures and your name is missing from this list, please let us know.

    Helen Acuff
    Bobby Alverson
    Jan Ealy Bannister
    Tony Campbell
    Karen Blount Colgan
    Judith Gunn Crawford
    Joy Fanning Daniel
    Leo Drake
    Frankie Duvall
    Raymond Falkenberry
    Benny Fiske
    Ann Schrimsher Franklin
    Thurman & Betty Franklin Frasier
    Floyd Hardin
    Dona Adcock Henderson
    Brian Hogan
    Bill Holland
    Sonny Holland
    Wilbia Lee Starr Howard
    Hattie Marie Webb Hughes
    Glenn Hymer
    Sara Ann Certain Hymer
    Vernon Roscoe Ivy
    Joan Carroll Johnson
    Martha Kerr
    Vivian Baucom Laird
    Lee's Traveller, Official Website of the '64, '65, '66 Alumni of Lee High School
    Steve Lee
    Claudie Annetta Barnes Martinson
    Douglas C. Martinson
    Dorothy Certain McLemore
    Ellen Certain Parker
    Marguerite Lockmiller Parker
    Robert E. Potts
    Jason Prestley
    Lorene Bishop Rice
    Ellen Segal Russell
    Tommy Rutledge
    David Sims
    Gina Gray Smith
    Marjorie Ruth Cullom Snell
    Robert Staggs
    Bill Starr
    Rudy Strickland
    Calvin & Maurine Alverson Surrett
    Edith Luna Thomas
    Aubrey Turner
    Rochelle Barnes Walker
    Cecilia (SIS) Watson
    Oliver Webb
    Wanda Renegar Wilson
    Collins Wynn
    Don Wynn
    Tony Wynn

    Please keep those pictures and treasures coming!

    A word about our Webmaster, Craig Clontz: One could have the ability to be a good writer, have really good organizational skills, and the vision to see a great end product but, without the ability to translate it into Internet code, it's worth little in building a website. Thankfully, Craig has the skill needed to make a beautiful website and he's done it! Early on, Craig was given complete editorial freedom and, thankfully, he's used it! He's also been a very patient and great "hand-holder." So, we thank you Craig; this site far exceeds our expectations!

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