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Memorabilia: Webster's Dictionary describes memorabilia as: "...things worth remembering or recording."

And that's the intent of this page - to remember and record.

Unfortunately, many items of memorabilia that belonged to the association are not available. The memorabilia that you find displayed on this page is all that we have at this time.

If it seems that there are too many items from one family it's because that's what we have. If you have some items that we could display, please make it available to us; we'd like that.

Marriage License - 1895
Gunn Marriage License
You may see J.E. and Ida in the historical photo on page 1 of the History section.

Do any of you remember when a photographer came around the village and for a small fee would make your photo sitting on the pony? This photo was made at 300 Halsey Ave in front of the Reese's home directly across the street from where Rudolph lived.
Rudolph V Strickland - 1936
Rudolph V Strickland - 1936

Rison SchoolThis cross stitched picture of Rison School was a labor of love by Laurie Tucker Franklin.

The House on Halsey

On the back of this picture is written, "Mrs. Ealy, 309 Halsey Ave., 25 cents."

We've been told that this house was once used as a kindergarten. While Doyle Ealy is supposed to be in this picture, it's very difficult to distinguish anyone. We found the picture to be particularly interesting because of the style of the house. Those who remember the house recalled that it was separated and became two houses.

Do you remember the house? Were you ever a student there?

The House on Halsey

NOTE: I am Brenda Burkett Elders. I think if you check further you will find that the home y'all have identified as The Ealy home is really The Burkett home. I was born in the front bedroom of 305 Halsey. The home I was born in was the one on the left. It had the school between our home and the Thomas/Barlow home. I maybe wrong but I do not think so. The homes did face the street and were not at an angle. Both homes had their own address. I do not know when the structure was torn down (editor: the center portion of the house) nor what happened to the materials.

(Editor’s note: So the address that is on the back of the picture must refer to the Ealy’s address for delivery of a copy of the picture. Thanks Brenda.)

This was Lourene Patton Fleming's vision of Rison School. Lourene graduated with the class of 1943.Rison by Lourene Patton Flemming

Here is a painting of Dallas Mills circa 1892, created by M.L. McClain in 1996.
Dallas Mills Circa 1892


A photo of a commode in an outhouse on Stevens Avenue in Dallas Village Circa 1930


Dallas Mills Pay Stubs
Dallas Mills Pay Stubs
If you look at the 1940 pay stubs for Earl and Rosa Schrimsher, you'll see a definite difference in the pay for each of them for their 40 hours of work, with Earl's being higher. One wonders if Earl's pay was higher because a higher skill level was required, or because he was considered to be head of the household, or was it simply because he was a man? Do you think that things have changed all that much since then?

Mary Lou Fitch Cagle furnished the above Dallas Mills pay stub that belonged to her father, Alford Fitch. Mr. Fitch's salary was higher than that of Earl Schrimsher's because he was a supervisor in the Card Room. (Please see a picture of the Card Room on page 2 of the History section, and Mr. Fitch's records from the Card room on page 3 of the History section.)


While going through some papers from my late Aunt's estate I discovered two receipts and a blank check that relate directly to our Rison-Dallas neighborhood; they are from 1924.

The two receipts are written by Mr William Strange on the back of blank Rison Banking Company checks and are for $126 and $34 respectively. They are for annual rent paid by my grandfather, Hubbard Hinds Brazelton, apparently for his residence in the mill village; he was 42 years old and had a wife and 4 young children. He paid $126 on November 25, 1924 and $34 on December 3, 1924. It seems the rent was paid in arrears rather than beforehand which is the custom today.

Although it is not specifically stated, I think the payments were made to W.R. Rison Banking Company.

The family lived on Rison Avenue at the time. Collins Wynn

Many of us remember some of the hardships that we faced at the time:
  • Using coal in the warm morning heaters required ordering, buying and storing the coal; bringing it into the house in a coal scuttle, replenishing the fire as needed, and the mess that the coal made. And oh how cold our houses could be. The heater would usually be in the front of the house and the wood cook stove in the kitchen. Each of those rooms would be pretty warm, but the rooms in between could be mighty cold. Those of us without running water would oftentimes awaken on a cold winter's morning to a solid sheet of ice in the wash pan (the pan in which we washed our hands).
  • Many of us had party lines, 2 to 4 people sharing the same line, oftentimes either being interrupted by one of the parties asking that we cut short our conversation because he or she had a very important phone call to make, or knowing that someone on the line was listening in to our telephone conversation.
  • And the poll tax - a seemingly ridiculous tax to pay for the "privilege" to vote; a tax that is no longer required.


The Leslie Method of Writing
Leslie Method of Writing
Handwriting Exercise
Look at the Leslie Method of Arm Movement Writing booklet - who can forget the monotonous practice required by the teacher in an attempt to help us learn to write. The round and round motions that were supposed to be in a perfect pattern. Was the practice really helpful?

Report Card
Report Card
Ah, the report card: sometimes dreaded and sometimes welcomed.

Here is Thurman Frasier's report card from 1930-1931:
(click for the complete view)
Thurman Frasier's Report Card

And here is Thurman's Kindergarten Graduation Diploma:
Thurman Frasier Kindergarten Diploma


1948 – “I Dream of Jeanie” Operetta
I Dream of Jeanie
Left to right: Barney Henson, Virgil Medlen, Mona King, Jeanne Scarborah, Jerry Potter, Elton Adcock, Carl Melton, Connie Fisher, Bill Bowden, Buster Acuff, Betty Schrimsher, Bud Adcock, Jimmy Falkenberry, Mary Jo Gray, Bobby Edmonson, Ann Schrimsher


ChonitaDo you remember the operettas? What fun they could be - losing yourself in a character and becoming someone else. Did you ever dream of one day being on Broadway, or did we even know about Broadway? Maybe you dreamed of becoming a movie star?

Click on the links below to see pages from the program booklet given the night of the operetta; this booklet contained information on cast and crew as well as many ads from city and county merchants and friends:

Front Page
Cast of Characters
Guests at Soriee
Production Staff
Senior Chorus
Junior Chorus

Merchants & Friends who placed ads in the Operetta, "Chonita," April 1949

Here's a list of more than 240 merchants and friends who placed ads in the operetta, "Chonita," in April 1949. The telephone numbers were 2, 3 and 4 digits - a few with letters, i.e., 25, 494, 1240, 982-W, and 1946-R.

How many of these businesses do you remember? We've highlighted those we know that are still in operation. It's hard to believe that there were that many businesses in and around our little corner of the world.

1010 Service Station
A Friend
A Friend
A Friend
A. & B. Auto Body Shop
A.G. Osborne Service Station
A.M. Booth Lumber Co.
Adams Distributing Company
Adams Drug Company
Alabama Auto Co.
Alabama Grocery Co.
Alabama Oil Company
Alabama Truck Line
Allen Tire & Battery Co.
Anderson Business College
Arnold's Clothing
Ashburn and Gray
Auto Electric Service
Auto Salvage & Supply Co.
Automatic Gas Company
Baby Wear Shop
Bailey's Tackle Shop
Bartee Lumber Company
Beason & Hicks Service Station
Becker's Department Store
Bella Vista
Ben Steger Motor Company
Bill Driver's Garage
Bill Foster
Bob Mullins
Bob Ward's Laundry Cleaners
Broadway's Café
Broadway's Service Station
Brock Radio Service
Brook's Grocery
Brooks & Collier, Inc.
Bruce Furniture Company
Buel Case Studio
Buford Motor Company
Business Equipment Company
C.E. Bennett Dry Goods
C.H. Carroll
C.S. Roberts, Consignee Texas Petroleum Products
C.T. Garvin
Calabama Chemical Co.
Cambron's Aero Club
Cantrell Tire Co.
Carroll Grocery
Central Café
Certain Motor Company
Charles E. Jackson
Cities Service
City Drug Co.
City Mattress & Upholstering Co.
Clark Electric Co.
Clark Steadman's Bar-B-Q
Claude Gates Garage (now Gates Garage)
Clayton's Place
Cola Cola Bottling Co.
Cole Motor Company
Colonial Coffee
Community Store
Cooper Insurance Co.
Dallas Manufacturing Company
Dallas Recreation Center
Davis of Course
Denny Motor Co.
Dilworth Lumber Company
Dixie Warehouse & Storage Company
Donald Jones Service Station
Double Cola Bottling Company
Dr. Pepper
E. B. George
Economy Auto Stores
E.H. Patterson Coal Co.
Eat-A-Bite Café
Eslick Furniture Co.
F.W. Woolworth
Farmers' Trading Post
Fifth Street Radio Service
Five Points Bakery
Five Points Barber Shop
Five Points Launder Shop
Five Points Shoe Shop
Five Points Sundries
Fowler's Beauty Shop
Fowler's Clothing Store
Frank Brothers at Rose Jewelry Company
Friends in Lincoln & Lincoln School & Lincoln Mills of Alabama
Friends in Owens Cross Roads
G.W. Jones & Sons
Galloway Coal Co.
Gatlin Tractor & Implement Co.
General Shoe Corporation
George's Café
Geron Lumber Company
Giles Coal Company
Glen Chaney Auto Co.
Goodyear Shoe Shop
Grand News Stand
Gunn Lumber Company
H.C. Blake Plumbing Co.
Harry Owens Grocery
Hauer & Winston Service Station
Hill Chevrolet Company
Hill-Davis Supply Store
Holmes Furniture Company
Hopper Hardware
Horton's Service Station
Humphrey Electric Service
Huntsville Building Material
Huntsville Ice & Coal Company
Huntsville Implement Co.
Huntsville Laundry
Huntsville Manufacturing Co.
Huntsville Neon Company
Huntsville Roofing Company
Huntsville Wholesale Nurseries
Hutchens Company, Inc.
I. Schiffman & Company

J.B. "Si" Wakefield, Huntsville Oil Company
J.E. Broyles Insurance
J.E. Sandlin Hardware
J.H. Brown & Sons Cabinet Shop
J.L. Green Groceries
J.M. Drummond Garage
J.T. Schrimsher & Sons
Jack Jones
James K. Taylor Real Estate
Jimmy Horton service Station
Joe Tidwell Grocery
John & Mahoney
Johnston Concrete Products Company
Jones-Baugh Bonded, Inc.
Kelly's Garage & Service Station
Kerley Grocery
Kildare Café
L.F. Sullivan
L.M. Taylor
Lane and Company
Lee Forret Studio
Lee-Sneed Appliance Company
Leon Ivey, O.L. Higginbotham, Robert Driver, Perry Chisam
Leon Moore Coal Co.
Lewis Grocery
Lewter Hardware Co.
Lincoln Beauty Shop
Lloyd Steel Building Co.
Lyric Theatre
Madison Piano Company
Madison St. Service Station
Maple Ridge Hatchery
Maples Mercantile
Maples Sheet Metal Works
Martin Stamping & Stove Company
Mason Brown, Ice & Coal Company
McKinley Avenue Grocery
Meadow Gold Dairies
Milton K. Cummings
Monte Sano Pekingese Kennel
Montgomery Ward & Co.
Mullins Grocery
Myerson Insulation Company
New Bus Terminal Barber Shop
North Alabama Cedar Company
North Alabama College of Commerce
Northside Furniture Co.
O.K. Matthews
Orgain & Sparks Drugs
Orgain Coal Company
Parker's Barber Shop
Patton Furniture Company
Pearsall's Flowers
Pender's Dry Cleaners
Phillip's Service Station
Planters Warehouse & Storage Co.
Porter Contracting & Supply Company
Quillin Produce
R.C. Cowley No. 2 Groceries & Meats
R.C. Tuck Cash Grocery
Ray Auto Company, Inc.
Ray Tractor & Implement Co.
Rhett Woody Furniture Store
Roberts & Bradford Motor Co.
Rodenhauser Florist
Rodenhauser Real Estate - Insurance
Roy Jack's Grocery
Russel Erskine Hotel
S.B. Steger Grocery and Market
S.H.Kress & Co.
S.O. McDonald
Sam Hamer Grocery
Sander's Station
Sanitary Mattress Co.
Sarah's Beauty Shop
Service Cleaners

Smith-Holmberg Store for Men
Snow Motor Company
South Side Barber
Southern Finance Co.
Southern Furniture Store
Southern Shoe Store
Sparkman's Monumental Works Sparta Monumental Works
Speck Searcy
Standard Oil Company
Stockton's Buick- GMC
T.T. Terry's
T.W. McClure Groceries and Meats
Tennessee Valley Concrete Block Company
Tennessee Hide & Poultry Company
The Dinner Bell
The Jewel Shop
The Ready Bake Shop
The Southern Cotton Oil Company
The Star Markets
Tick Tock Inn
Tidwell Bros. Grocery
Tip Top Café
Twickenham Pharmacy
Tyson Bake Shop
Uncle Sam's Loan & Jewelry
Union Dry Goods, L. Harrison, Manager (now Harrison Bros.)
Uptain's Footwear
W.L. Halsey Grocery Company
W.T. Grant Company
W.W. Scott Company
Wallace Bros. Implement Co.
West Huntsville Shoe Repair
White Printing Company
White Swan Laundry and Cleaners
Whitesburg Drive Super Market
Wilson Grocery
Yarbrough Grill
Yarbrough Hardware Co.
Yarbrough Hotel
Yarbrough's Shoe Store

Here's another operetta presented by a group of Rison thespians
The Gypsy Troubadore
According to the penciled notes on this page, the "stars" in this operetta were: "Richard, Leron, Beany, Sara, Helen, John, Marjorie, ??, Carl, Jeanette, Herlan, Bessie, and Helen R."

Were you in this operetta? Do you remember the year? Do you know the missing names?

And the membership card to the "Y," the Dallas Recreational Association - we were so lucky to have such a facility. 'Remember when, with a quarter, we could see a movie, buy popcorn, a bar of candy and a Coke (some of us bought a Double Cola instead of a Coke because it was bigger!)?
In spite of its neglect and being kept in an attic for many years, this plastic cheerleader pin is in good shape and is wearable. You'll probably see it at this year's reunion.

Do you still have the tassel from your graduation cap? This one looks almost new, as if it might've been used this year instead of more than 50 years ago. It's the same tassel that's hanging from the graduation cap of Ann Schrimsher Franklin in the 1951 graduation picture on the Classes page.Tassle

These four letters, the "Rs," were won with pride and kept to remember that each was won with a great deal of effort. Rison Letters

This is the "R" that Doyle Ealy earned for playing football. In his excerpt on the Memories page, Doyle said, "They used to give us an "R" with a football in it, if we played enough during the year. Now, 40 years later, I still have that "R" and am awfully proud of it." After Doyle's death, his daughter, Jan Bannister, became the proud keeper of this special "R."

Joy Fanning wore these well worn and much cherished “R” and patch on a navy blue, long sleeved slipover sweater:

This pennant looks as if it just came from a banner company. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we aged so gracefully?
Rison Pennant

These wings were presented to Bill Starr for Outstanding Athlete
Wings presented to Bill Starr

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